10 best riads in Chefchaouen

If you want a traditional and the full package Moroccan experience, we highly recommend Riads for your stay in instead of hotels. This article will provide you with our favorite Riads in the Blue Pearl City.

  • Dar Dadicilef: this our top recommended Riads to stay in while visiting Chefchaouen, it is suitable for solo trips, couple trips and even family trips so you’ll find the perfect room for you. It has an overview overlooking the blue city and the mountains around it.
  • Riad Hicham: this is a one of a kind Riad, it has rooms customized for your personal preferences and it is family friendly. The stay in includes breakfast on a pretty view of the yard.
  • Lina Riad and Spa: located in the very heart of Chefchaouen, this Riad is your best choice if you are seeking relaxation since it has an indoor pool, hot tub and a traditional Hammam. You can have the recommended traditional courses in the terrace while enjoying the sight of the mountains.
  • Dar Yakout: this is one of our best choices yet. It is located about 90km away from the Ras El Ma falls. This supports family style rooms and the riad has its own cuisine, so you can always enjoy the delicious meals in the terrace while enjoying the natural sights ahead of you.
  • Dar Gabrielle: this perfectly located Riad in the old medina is a perfect choice for those who want to explore the insides of the old medina. It supports family style rooms and it has a terrace looking over the hills and the mountains of the city.
  • Dar Sababa: this Riad located in the old medina, not far away from the main attractions of the city such as Ras El Ma waterfalls and the main square of Mohammed V. it has a full 24h reception services and supports family suits.
  • Riad Gharnata: this Riad has lot of stuff to do in. it has a mini bar and a grill space customized for the guests. Its special place in the medina right in the corner gives it a unique design. It supports family style rooms and a terrace overlooking the mountains which is worth waking up early to watch the sunrise in.
  • Riad Nila: this Riad is a mix between modern and traditional Chefchaouen style. The rooms has mini bars and separated showers. This Riad is family friendly and it has a nice restaurant where guests can have meals.
  • Riad Antek: this is another example of a mix between modern and traditional. It is family friendly and the rooms are supported with flat TV screens, and grill spaces. It also has a nice terrace.

Riad Rifandalus: this Riad is among the traditional ones, the rooms are family friendly and pet friendly. The terrace is very beautiful and overlooking the entire city and the mountains around it.