Camel trek tour from Marrakech

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All about the Camel trek tour from Marrakech.

Camel Trek from Marrakech. 

A ride on a camel in the middle of the unforgiving Sahara is a must at all costs while visiting the red city of Morocco: Marrakech.

Our driver will pick you up from your accommodation in Marrakech and with the help of our assigned guide, this tour shall begin!

You will get to escape the busy small streets of Marrakech and its noisy atmosphere and enjoy the slow relaxing ride with nothing around you but warm golden sand, a bright blue sky above you and nothing to be heard other than the padded thumb of the camel’s hove to the ground.

This experience is featuring the star of the golden world that is Dromedary camels. You are curious about the difference? This one type of camels is most known for its one-humped back. You might think it’s going to be hard or uncomfortable to ride on it, but truth to be told, once you get used to it and its the rhythm of walking, it is going to be the most rewarding experience in your life.

During this little adventure, you will discover the vast desert and otherworldly vague landscapes, you are not going to believe your own eyes when you see the surreal landscapes! So we advise you to get your cameras ready to capture these moments because you really will not want to forget them.

By the end of this day, our guide will lead you back to Marrakech and drop you to your accommodation.